Our team believes that with what we do we make our home, our world, a better place one meal at a time.

Growing ourselves and our business in harmony with sustainability plays a part in our shared vision since the beginning, since 2018.

We carefully separate the waste we generate

Plastic and metal packaging, paper, glass and food waste. We only offer products in recyclable packaging refusing plastic. We love it best when we are able to buy loose or in bulk. we do admit we are not perfect, however, we believe you will easily find the care behind all we do.

What is more, our house-made products we offer in biodegradable packaging. It’s packaging made from plants and includes: tea, coffee, shake and smoothie cups, straws, our food menu boxes and cutlery that many of you thoughtfully avoid using.

Thank you so much for taking interest and responsibility in waste generating! And thank you for thinking of what we, as individuals, all leave behind ourselves!

We are also highly grateful for having partners such as vegware and biopacfor the opportunity to have green packaging on board. Thank you!

If you might have suggestions how to be greener in business feel free to contact us here: